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YA-PD5-3 Electric Pediatric ICU Bed


Model: YA-PD5-3

Overall size:1960 *980 *710-1110mm

Safe working load: 150kg

Lying size:1640*725mm

Product Details

The special design of YA-PD5-3 provides all the features for children’s safety and comfort. The prominent aesthetic features considered in the design of this pediatric bed creates a warm and friendly environment for the children to experience a more relaxed treatment period.

 Main features

  • The four-piece safety sides with transparent windows complete the design concept

  • of the bed ends.

  • The transparent bed ends provide a pleasant and joyful opportunity for the children to interact with their companions, caregivers, and others in the room during treatment period.

  • User friendly handset control

  • Rotary bumpers that are located on four corners of the bed

  • All positions of this bed are achieved by powerful, reliable, and low noise actuators.

  • Urine bag holders can be easily installed on either side of the bed in one step.

  • 150 mm central locking casters run extremely smoothly, the quality that makes it significantly easy for the nursing staff to move the bed.

 Technical parameter

Overall dimensions

1960 *980 *710-1110mm

Mattress platform

1640 x 725 mm

Safety side height

685 mm

Height adjustment


Back section adjustment


Foot section adjustment




Reverse trendelenburg


Bed weight

215 kg


φ150 mm

Safe working load

150 kg